Music. Probably the best thing ever given to mankind

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Aaaaah, music. We all love music, do we not? From 18th century baroque to today’s biggest hits. There is something for us all. Just like 8th grade. You cannot put your finger on what you want, it just sort of happens. From liking someone to really caring about them. You can’t explain why it happens, it just does. Probably because our hormones are rampaging like the bulls in Spain, but still.

Anyways, back to music. If you know me, and listen to me humming tunes to myself, you probably know that I like Drake and Eminem. Some people like Luda and Lil’ Wayne and stuff like that, but other like stuff from the 70s. It all depends on what you listened to as a little kid. If you listened to the smashes of the early and middle 2000s, you probably like today’s music. But, if you grew up with your mom and/or dad running around singing Eric Clapton or Bruce Springsteen, you probably like their era. However, I had listened to my sister’s music from the radio (today’s), and with classical (back to the 18th century we go. And where is that DeLorean from Back to the Future when you need it). As many of you know, I play Classical music (Beethoven, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, etc.) on the piano, as I have been since I was 6. But, it has increasingly dawned on me that classical is not what I believe I am good at. I know, 13 years old and playing Rachmaninoff is pretty cool and all, but it takes a lot out of you just to get it to concert-ready levels, and I do not fully believe that I am ready to give it that real edge yet. Yesterday, I was at my teacher’s studio, and I was preparing to play that Rachmaninoff, and I was thinking to myself, “What if you screw up? What if you can’t remember the notes?” I pushed those thoughts aside for about 5 minutes, and I started playing.

It went okay, but it still isn’t quite there yet. But hey, its Rachmaninoff, probably one of the best composers in the known world. And the guy was a mathematical genius. He knew what he was doing. It made my 17 page Mozart concerto look like child’s play (shout out to Luke), and it felt great to actually feel like a distinguished pianist. But, then I ask myself, “Is this really it, is this all you can do?” My evil conscience back to haunt me. Great. Oh! Its 1145 at night, and I need to get some sleep for basketball tomorrow morning.

More to come later.



Life in General

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Life has many definitions. To some, it is just another four-letter word. To others, it shows happiness or sadness or something else. But to me, it means something more. Something you cannot describe. So, I will attempt to describe it as best I can.

To me, life is about possibilities. It is about making to most out of a few years that we have. It is making anything possible. It is about changing the world, or not changing it. It really all depends on where your personality is, or where your head is at a given point.

Life cannot really be crammed into one sentence like a can of sardines into a tin. But, in reality, you don’t have to. It just really opens up to what you want it to be.




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Hey everyone,

Unlike most blogs in our little madness of a world we call 8th grade, this blog is intended to make sense. I have actually been meaning to do this ofr a while, but I never really got the chance.

Hope you enjoy,